A rocket taking off from the ground illustrating the advertising automation strategy on Amazon Boost
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Amazon PPC automation strategy Boost – how it works?

Acosbot offers three automation strategies for ads: Boost, Max Profit, and Target ACoS. In this article, you will learn how the Boost Amazon PPC automation strategy works.

What is the goal of the Boost automation strategy?

Using the Boost strategy, Acosbot aims to maximize ad impressions and product orders, utilizing the entire allocated budget for this purpose.

By working in this way, Acosbot is achieving a more important, long-term goal – building the product’s organic ranking.

Chart on Acosbot showing sales and impressions on Amazon for Amazon PPC Boost automation strategy

Sales volume is a key factor considered by Amazon’s algorithm in determining a product’s position in search results.


Caution is advised because when using the Boost strategy, Acosbot prioritizes displaying ads frequently and acquiring more orders rather than focusing on profitability. Implementing this strategy may result in lower daily profit and higher ACoS and TACoS ratios.

How does the Boost strategy work?

Now that you know its goal, you may wonder how the strategy operates and what Acosbot does to achieve that goal.

Acosbot bids competitively until it observes a positive impact in terms of increased ad impressions and order numbers.

It’s not a limitless bidding scenario, either. The bidding levels Acosbot reaches depend on the competition. It might set slightly higher bids than the competition if sensible (e.g., when not exhausting the budget leads to increased impressions and orders), but it will never exceed 20% above what the competition offers.

When to use the Boost strategy?

The Boost strategy is suitable for products that need improvement in their Amazon ranking.

It is particularly applicable to new products being introduced to the market. During the initial weeks of a product’s life, acquiring the first orders, reviews, and promoting them through advertising becomes crucial. The success or failure of a product can be influenced by how it is promoted in the early weeks.

How long should the Boost strategy be applied to promote a new product?

There is no easy answer to this question, as it depends on various factors, including:

  • Industry and specific category
  • Competition
  • Brand strength
  • Seller’s belief in the product

We recommend using the Boost strategy until the product starts generating consistent organic sales and achieves a satisfactory position in the Best Sales Rank (ranking of top-selling products).

From our observations over the past 2-3 years, effective product launches on Amazon take an average of about 3 months.

However, some categories may require only one month, while others may need 6 months due to strong competition.