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Keyword match types on Amazon

There are 3 types of keyword matches on Amazon – broad, phrase, exact match. They are very important for the optimisation of Amazon PPC ads.Broad


This is the widest type of keyword match. Your product ad will be displayed with different variants and words associated with your keyword. Variants can include misspellings, singular and plural, abbreviations and acronyms. The order of the words does not matter, nor do additional words that occur before or after the keyword.

The advantage of this is that you have a wider reach of your campaign and can find search terms that match your keyword and convert well.

The disadvantage is that sometimes your ad will be displayed for search queries that don’t quite match your product.


With this type of match, your ad will appear when someone searches for similar variations of that keyword, with additional words before or after it. Similar to the broad match, misspellings, abbreviations or plurals are allowed.

The user’s search term must contain your keyword in the same order.


This is the “strictest” type of match. Your ad will only be displayed if the user enters your exact keyword in the search engine, without any additional words before or after it, taking into account approximate variants and plurals of the keyword list.

Table explaining keyword match types Amazon with examples

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