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Acosbot manual

Successful Amazon PPC campaign – tips

Acosbot optimises your ads to deliver the best possible results. To make the optimisation work best, you should set it up correctly at the very beginning. We suggest what to look out for to make your Amazon PPC campaign successful.

One product – one campaign

Acosbot can handle any campaign structure, but we recommend creating one campaign per product – that way it’s simple and clear.

Explanation of the principle of a successful Amazon PPC campaign one product one campaign

Add broad keywords

They should be as broad as possible to cover as many matching search queries as possible. The word thermo mug is a broad keyword, meaning that whether a user types “thermo mug”, “thermo mugs flasks” or “thermo mug green green 16 oz” into the Amazon search bar, your ad should appear.

List of sample search terms matched to a keyword

Select 1 to 4 simple keywords

In our experience, adding 1 to 4 keywords consisting of one or two words is sufficient in most cases.- e.g. thermo mug, men sandals.

Avoid prepositions

Avoid keywords with prepositions such as for, with, without, from. Your ad will appear both for searches with and without “for”.

List of example ad triggering search terms with prepositions


Choosing a few comprehensive words with a broad match will allow you to collect the right amount of data (impressions, clicks, orders). This will ensure that your successful Amazon PPC campaign is well optimised because it will be based on specific data.

Illustration showing a large amount of data for a keyword critical to the correct optimisation of an Amazon PPC campaign.

Adding many specific words complicates the structure of the campaign and collects too little data to optimise it.

Illustration showing a small amount of data for a keyword determining poor optimisation of an Amazon PPC campaign.